Joey Marie Leeazon

When did you start doing drag? 

1997 introduced to drag fashion 5 yrs. old, The Birth Of Joey Marie Leeazon Oct. 2010

Why do you continue to do drag?  

Expressing The Art Of Drag Embracing The Creativity, Joy, Entertainment, As One

In 3 words describe you.  

Supportive Loving, and Confident

Best drag tip?  

Embrace Yourself For You

How long you've been performing with The Xotica Show?  

4 Months +

Personal Favorite Drag Performance?  

Dare To Dream 1st Annual 1st Drag Show and only show mom has been at.

Who is your celebrity Icon? 

Adrej Pejic

Drag accessory you cannot live without?  

My Glitter (glitter lips)


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