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In 2017 Millenia Decade became a viral sensation with her RuPaul Drag Race Lip Sync For Your Life Season 9 parody videos that have been viewed, liked and shared by thousands, including by some of the queens from Season 9. Visit her Official YouTube Channel to check her works.


Millenia Decade

When did you start doing drag? 

April 2013

Why do you continue to do drag? 

It’s my stress reliever, I love performing, and I love seeing the kind of stuff my brain can come up with.

In 3 words describe you. 

To the general public: Nice, Shy, and Quiet. With people I’m close to: Nice, Outspoken, and Goofy. 

Best drag tip? 

DON’T DO A BEYONCE NUMBER. I’m kidding! (Or am I?)

How long you've been performing with The Xotica Show?

I literally just went to my Facebook to see when I debuted. August 2015!

Personal Favorite Drag Performance? 

It USED to be my debut performance, but now I think it’s my Enchantress from the Suicide Squad number. I had no idea I could pull off a look and slow song like that. I surprised myself tbh. (see video below)

Who is your celebrity Icon? 

I just sat here for 30 minutes trying to come up with something. I have no idea  But I’m sure Cara Coronado is probably gonna say she’s her own favorite icon! Lol

Drag accessory you cannot live without? 

Body spray! I gotta smell good when I go out and meet all 3 of my fans!

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