The Diva X AKA the HBIC

When did you start doing drag?

Well I’ve done androgynous/club kid drag since 1997, But Fem-Drag since 2000.

Why do you continue to do drag?

I still love it. I love to entertain. This is just an outlet for all the random shit that goes on in my head.

In 3 words describe you.

Funny, Kind, Bitch

Best drag tip?

Be comfortable, If your not comfortable in your look TRUST it will be noticeable. I’m not saying work some flip-flops or not make effort, but you gotta find that happy medium.

How long you've been performing with The Xotica Show?

Since DIA UNO! March 2004

Personal Favorite Drag Performance?

Vogue - The Marie Antoinette Edition, The why: The one was my first ‘production’ number. It allowed me to show what I’m bringing to the party.

Who is your celebrity Icon?

Madonna - is the Queen, Lady Gaga - is the princess, Beyonce - is the the Tina Turner new millennium and Khloe - is a Kardashian.

Drag accessory you cannot live without?



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