When did you start doing drag?

5 years 8 months ago.

Why do you continue to do drag? 

I enjoy doing drag cause the art form and transformation into a different persona. I love the joy it brings to people and the happiness it brings me performing for them. 

In 3 words describe you. 

Pretty, Petty, Creative

Best drag tip? 

Always glue your wigs down and make sure you know the words to your song! Always make sure you have a tight tuck. Lol

How long you've been performing with The Xotica Show? 

I've been off and on with the Show but I seem to come back all the time. It's been almost 5 years. 

Personal Favorite Drag Performance? 

My Tina Turner performance I went completely out of my comfort zone and I embraced the artist did something I didn't think I could pull off.

Who is your celebrity Icon?

Onika Tanya Miraj also know as the Queen of rap the Harajuku Barbie Nicki Minaj. 

Drag accessory you cannot live without? 

Eyelashes, perfume and my weavesssss!

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