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Cara Coronado 

When did you start doing drag?


Why do you continue to do drag? 

Because no one else can do what I do except me. I love the thrill of being on stage and captivating an audience every week. 

In 3 words describe you. 

Gorgeous. Stupid. Iconic. 

Best drag tip? 

Don't worry about what others are doing and worry about your damn self. Don’t try to be anyone else. Oh yeah, and look good. 

How long you've been performing with The Xotica Show? 

I've been terrorizing them since 2014

Personal Favorite Drag Performance? 

Favorite performance has to be the 2017 Anniversary performance where I did the Lady Gaga SuperBowl Halftime Show and was on top of our was lowkey showstopping. 

Who is your celebrity Icon?

Naomi Campbell, Kim Kardashian, and Homer Simpson.

Drag accessory you cannot live without? 

Corset. Oh, and I won’t be seen without lashes.


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